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Roseanne Oppmann, LCPC, NCC

Roseanne  For the past 38 years I have provided children, adolescents, couples and families with support in the school, community, and private practice setting. I specialize in providing services, support, and advocacy for those with special needs and behavior issues.

My extensive experience with diverse populations has been an asset in treating clients with various needs at my private practice. I am a Certified LifeMap Coach and provide services to adults with Autism Spectrum profiles.

My Golden Doddle, Myla, is a Certified Therapy Dog and attends sessions with me for those who would like her services. Myla is also the main character in two children's books about separation anxiety that I have published, "I Took My Mommy's Heart To School," and "In My Heart, First Day of School."

I walk with my clients on their journey to wellness by providing, hope, encouragement, and empowerment. Through self-realization my clients learn to make the best choices for their continued wellness. Let me help you and your family achieve your goals!

Dr. Elisha Robinson

Dr.ElisaDr. Elisha Robinson, founder and director of Integrative Healing Center, is so ecstatic about being able to take part in your healing journey. Her journey began in her youth. Her mother was a farmer from Tennessee, and her father studied herbal therapies. Naturally, holistic healing was a part of her upbringing.

She wanted to make a difference, so she entered the world of medicine, receiving her medical degree from the University of Illinois College of Medicine. She is a Board Certified General Surgeon and completed her residency at Michigan State University. She subsequently completed a Breast Surgery fellowship at Christ Advocate Hospital and fights breast cancer head on.

She didn't stop there because she felt that something was missing. Knowing that the key and foundation to complete healing is in the body itself, she became a Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner. She also has completed certification in Autologous Adult Stem Cell Therapy and not only treats breast cancer, but all chronic conditions as she treats the whole patient.

The most important thing that Dr. Robinson's father taught her was to be a life-long learner. Currently, she is working on her Ph.D. in Natural Health and to provide an integrative approach to the treatment of every patient.

Integrative Healing Center


Lela Bryan

Lela Bryan, founder of Nicotine Solutions, quit smoking—happily and permanently—on June 4, 1978. She has been successfully teaching others how to quit smoking ever since.

Originally all of Lela’s classes took place in person. But with the advent of the Internet she saw a way to help even more people stop smoking, regain their health and realize their dreams.

Today she uses a combination of telephone conferencing, email, video, and audio technologies to deliver impressive results.

 Thanks to her innovative behavioral approaches, Lela’s students consistently experience the highest success rates of any system—90% of her students stop smoking.

With the Nicotine Solutions program, Lela can help anyone, anywhere quit smoking or chewing. 
Stop Smoking Calmly, Comfortably and Forever 
(without drugs, weight gain or cold turkey.