Rhonda-EnzymesProgram 1: Introduction to Better Health 60 Days to Energized You

Program Includes:
•    6 – 50 min Coaching Sessions
•    1 UA Lab Kit + Lab results
•    1 Month Supple of Recommended Digestive Enzymes
•    Email, Text and Phone support
•    Weekly News letter
•    Plus – Added Bonus surprise each month


Program 2 Reversing Disease Starting Today – 12 Weeks to Reversing All Disease

With This Program you will start to help your body to work for you by getting your immune system to function as it should.
Program includes:
• Introduction to Better Health Program Contents
• Plus 2 added 50 min Coaching Sessions
• Detox program
• Recipes
• Live Blood Cell Analysis done each month
• 2 Added Bonus Surprises


Program 3 – Freedom from Disease Forever – 24 Weeks to Freedom

This program is meant to help you to help you sustain your health.  You did not get sick overnight and you will not get well overnight. This program is not about a quick fix, it is about making permanent lifestyle changes that will affect your health for your lifetime
Program includes:
•    All that is included In Reversing Disease Program
•    Plus 6 additional 50 min coaching sessions
•    Cooking lessons
•    Clean out your pantry
•    Grocery shopping Tour
•    10% Discount on all products
•    3 Added Bonus Surprises