Pure Simple Self Services

For clients who have had long lingering health issues. Lifetime of lifestyle habits do not change overnight. This program meets the needs and offers specific guidance in a personalized coaching format so you are able to meet our health and wellness goals. Anything ranging from - Weight loss coaching, nutrition support, exercise motivation, sleep skills and stress management resources are just some of the specific topics we target. We will help you succeed, not matter what is hindering you

Programs for Children - Nourish with Enzyme Therapy: We help children less than 16 years old restore their health naturally at a discounted rate than a regular program. Children respond so quickly when they digest great nutrition, so there's no need to wait to get them started.

Services Ala Cart:

24 - Hour Urinalysis: This screening procedure is the best early warning system available today. Blood work identifies problems once already in disease-state, so should not be used for preventative health.
- Physical tests for color, cloudiness, volume and specific gravity are recorded. They are used to recognize abnormalities, including the kidney’s ability to clean the body.
- Complicated chemistry tests are performed, including an endican evaluation to measure the presence of food in the colon that is putrefying; this creates irritants and toxins, which cause pain and inflammation.
-Digestive Tests: The urinary sediment is evaluated for excessive crystal formations, which can indicate problems with digestion or excessive consumption of protein, sugar or fat. Other tests that give the practitioner helpful information include measurements for pH, calcium and vitamin C.

Homeostatic Palpation Test: This physical exam procedure is a useful technique that can answer many questions, such as: what dietary changes can be made to alleviate nutritional stress on the body; what food enzymes can be used to improve pre-digestion; can your digestive organs do what nature intended; which ones are being stressed; is your digestive system struggling to process carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fruits or vegetables; and is the colon properly eliminating waste products?

Our bodies need food, water, air and sleep to maintain health. You must be able to not only ingest, but also digest your food and utilize those nutrients. You must also be able to eliminate waste so your immune system is not overworked and health can be sustained. Findings from a fasting palpation exam are compared to a second exam done 45 minutes after eating. By “palpating,” or “feeling” your abdomen before and after a meal, we will be able to determine what happens to each of your digestive organs when they are presented with food.

These findings, used in conjunction with a 24-Hour Urinalysis and a Signs and Symptoms Survey can usually pinpoint the true cause of digestive symptoms, which can also be the cause of other chronic symptoms.

Additional Services:

Cooking Lessons - Individual or Group: Cooking lessons are an in home service. Classes range from Cooked Vegan, Raw Vegan, Fermented Foods or Vegetarian. Recipes can be meal specific, or just fun foods that are easy, simple and nutritious.

Kitchen Cleanout: An in home service personalized attention to the heart of your home, where great health begins. Please be advised, it will be suggested that some food items be donated or thrown out.

Grocery Store Tour: Wouldn’t it be great to view your monotonous weekly grocery store trip as a conquest instead of a hassle? With direction and clarification of products that you will get while we tackle your neighborhood grocery store, future trips will be an enjoyable adventure once you know where to find what you are looking for.

Live Blood Cell Analysis: is a unique test that is done with a single drop of blood placed under a microscope. You will than see a living picture of YOUR blood on a monitor screen while the test is being conducted.

I as your certified LBC technician will carefully analyze your blood and will point out the nutritional statues of those blood cells. This test is meant to educate you on the proper function of the digestive system, and discuss any anomalies and deficiencies in the blood. Providing you an opportunity to improve your health thorough proper diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

The Live Blood Cell Analysis will detect nutritional deficiencies, digestive disorders, oxygen levels and other health related concerns.

Free Educational Seminars: Health and wellness topics are presented either at the Partners For Inner Healing 4873 Manhattan Dr. Rockford, IL or through Facebook Live, Youtube or off-site at corporations and community groups. Contact us to schedule a custom event.